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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

What are the maintenance planning principles? How they contribute to the success of planning?

Planning Principles
There are six principles of planning and these are:
1. Organising planning functions with separate responsibility and identity.
2. Making planners to concentrate on future works as one of their primary tasks.
3. Asking planners to maintain simple base files as part of their work systems.
4. Training planners to expertise their job and dictate the job requirements through their dedicated work plans.
5. Helping planners to recognise the skill of the crafts required and arrange.
6. Organising planners to work sample their tasks while execution and hence measure the planning effectiveness.
Let us look into each of these in detail:
1. Organising planning functions with separate responsibility and identity
In this principle, the planning function is organised as a separate function. Personnel who are most experienced and having expertise as craft maintenance crew are selected and assigned to the planning section. This type of selecting within the department and assigning a separate function will further facilitate specialisation not only in planning processes, but also focuses on the future works to be executed.
It is better that these identified Planners report to a different supervisor who will be responsible to providing direction and has an obligation to complete the assigned work in an expeditious manner, with a minimal interruptions.
The planners should engage in
preparatory works. Planning activities must flow smoothly across the maintenance department. Planners need to work closely with the maintenance crew for proper execution of work with consistency. The crew members will focus exclusively on executing assigned work, and gain advantageous position as all the preparatory works involved is accomplished by concerned planner.
Planning contributes to scheduling also. This scheduling is done in such a manner that the maintenance department will utilise all their resources optimally. The lack of planning effort may decrease the number of work assignments to crew members.
2. Making planners to concentrate on future works as one of their primary tasks
Principle of planning is forward thinking with a foresight. By preparing jobs in advance, 

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