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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Knowledge Management: IIBM Exam papers: Contact us for solutions at

Examination Paper of Semester III
IIBM Institute of Business Management
Semester-III Examination Paper MM.100
Knowledge Management

1. UCC stands for
a. Universal Commercial Code
b. Uniform Commercial Code
c. Uniq Commercial Code
d. United Commercial Code
2. E-business connects critical business systems and constituencies directly via
a. Internet
b. Extranet
c. Intranet
d. All of the above
3. Unusable rule are also called as
a. User rule
b. Conflicting rule
c. Subsumed rule
d. None of the above
9. Episodic knowledge is
a. Is knowledge based on the fundamentals structure functions & behaviour of objects
b. Is knowledge based on experimental information or episodes
c. Is knowledge based on the unrelated facts
d. None of the above
10. A directory that points to people, documents and repositories is
a. Knowledge map
b. Knowledge codification
c. Rapid prototyping
d. None of the above
Part Two:
1. Write short note on “KM Life Cycle”?
2. Write short note on “The Knowing Doing Gap”?
3. What is “The Malpractice Factor”?
4. What is knowledge creation?
Caselet 1
This case is based on an actual incident which took place in an Army Unit deployed in field area.
A part of a Battery (about 1/4 of an Artillery Regiment) was deployed in a snow bound high
altitude area of Kashmir. This was the first time, an artillery unit was deployed in an area with
roads and tracks still under development. Preparation of this area for such a deployment needed a
lot of digging for guns, pits for ammunition storage, living place of the personnel, slit trenches
and weapon pits for local defence against any possible enemy/terrorists’ attack on the position,
place for storage of rations, cook-house and communication trenches, etc.
The total strength of the party deployed there was
a) Officer - 1 (Second Lieutenant with about one year service)
b) Junior Commissioned Officer (JCO) - 1
c) Jawans - 40
helping attitude, positive bent of mind and with an understanding of peculiarities and problems of
the area where such accidents were quite frequent and possible. When approached to assist, he
listened to the whole incident very sympathetically and promised to assist in whatever way he
could. This officer was a contemporary of the unit in a previous station and had excellent
relations and interaction with the unit. Some items were offered by the workshop officer and
replaced accordingly. The vehicle was made roadworthy again within a fortnight and put on road
for duty. All the enquiries were dispensed with and there was no loss of face by anyone at any
level. It is pertinent to mention that it had snowed in that location as soon as the recovery party
came out of the hills.
1. Which factors contributed to motivate the troops to go ahead for such a difficult task as
recovering a damaged vehicle from such a difficult and treacherous terrain and getting it
repaired in such a short time?
2. Which incidents indicate the importance of good interpersonal relationships with juniors,
peers and superiors and what is the importance of good interpersonal relationships?
Caselet 2
Carrier Corp. is using data mining to profile online customers and offer them cool deals on air
conditioners and related products. By using services from WebMiner, Inc., the air-conditioning,
heating, and refrigeration equipment maker has turned more Web visitors into buyers, increasing
per-visitor revenue from$1.47 to $37.42.
Carrier, part of $26 billion ..
Online sales have exceeded 7,000 units this year, Berman says, compared with 10,000
units for all of last year. Carrier chose the WebMiner service because it was quick to implement
and is relatively inexpensive - $10,000 for installation and a $5 fee to WebMiner for each unit
sold, compared with 6-figure alternatives.
1. The DM application used by Carrier was one that was predictive in nature. Could a
descriptive model also be used? How would you use it, and what outputs would you except?
Would they be of any use to Carrier?
2. What other data-driven promotions could Carrier come up with using other data mining
3. What manufacturing-driven applications can Carrier implement using data mining?
4. What finance-driven applications can Carrier implement using data mining?`

1. Explain in detail “Knowledge Management Systems Life Cycle” and its various approaches?
2. What do you mean by “Knowledge Codification” and its importance?

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