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Saturday, 23 June 2018

Marketing Management: IIBM Exam papers: Contact us for solutions at

Marketing Management: IIBM Exam papers: Contact us for solutions at

Examination Paper Semester I: Marketing Management
IIBM Institute of Business Management
IIBM Institute of Business Management
Semester-1 Examination Paper MM.100
Marketing Management

1. It is a concept where goods are produced without taking into consideration the choices or tastes of
a. Marketing mix
b. Production concept
c. Marketing concept
d. Relationship marketing
2. It involves individuals who buys products or services for personal use and not for manufacture or
a. Environment analysis
b. Macro environment
c. Micro environment
d. Consumer
3. It is the groups of people who interact formally or informally influencing each other’s attitudes&
a. Consumer behavior
b. Culture

3. Distinguish between Marketing Concept and Selling Concept?
4. What are the new trends in advertisement?
5. Briefly explain the following :
a) Socio –culture environment
b) Marketing environment interface.

Case let 1
Ask the company top brass what ‘almost there’ means. The answer: a premier Indian retail company that
has come to be known as a specialty chain of apparel and accessories. With 52 product categories under
one roof, Shoppers’ Stop has a line-up of 350 brands. Set up and headed by former Corona employee, B.
S. Nagesh, Shoppers’ Stop is India’s answer to Selfridges and Printemps. As it proudly announces, ‘We
don’t sell, we help you buy.’ Back in 1991, there was the question of what to retail. Should it be a
supermarket or a departmental store? Even an electronics store was considered. Finally, common sense
and understanding won out. The safest bet, for the all-male team was to retail men’s wear. They knew the
male psyche and felt that they had discerning taste in men’s clothing. The concept would be that of a
lifestyle store in a luxurious space, which would make for a great ……………..
space of 67,000 sq. ft.
Carrying the perfect experience to the shop floor is an attempt to stack goods in vast open spaces neatly.
Every store has a generic structure, though regional customer variances are accounted for. Each store is
on lease, and this is clearly Shoppers’ Stop’s most expensive resource proposition – renting huge spaces
in prime properties across metros, so far totaling 210,000 sq. ft of retail space. Getting that space was easy
enough for Shoppers’ Stop, since its promoter is the Mumbai-based Raheja Group, which also owns 62
per cent of the share capital.
1. What are the significant factors that have led to the success of Shoppers’ Stop?
2. Draw the typical profile(s) of Shoppers’ Stop customer segments.
Examination Paper Semester I: Marketing Management
IIBM Institute of Business Management
3. How are Indian customers visiting Shoppers’ Stop any different from customers of developed
western countries?
4. How should Shoppers’ Stop develop its demand forecasts?
Case let 2
The rise of personal computers in the mid 1980s spurred interest in computer games. This caused a crash
in home Video game market. Interest in Video games was rekindled when a number of different
companies developed hardware consoles that provided graphics superior to the capabilities of computer
games. By 1990, the Nintendo Entertainment System dominated the product category. Sega surpassed
Nintendo when it introduced its Genesis System. By 1993, Sega commanded almost 60 per cent of Video
game market and was one of the most recognized brand names among the children. Sega’s success was
short lived. In 1995, Saturn (a division of General Motors) launched a new 32-bit system. The product
was a miserable failure for a number of reasons. …………………..
and a keyboard that
allow them to play far more sophisticated games. In addition, they have been utilizing the Internet for
years to receive game updates and modifications and to play each other over the Web. Sony and
Microsoft are intent on capturing a portion of the online gaming opportunity. Even Nintendo has decided
to make available a modem that will allow GameCube users to play online. As prices continue to fall and
technology becomes increasingly more sophisticated, it remains to be seen whether these three companies
can keep their names on the industry’s list of “high scorers”.
1. Considering the concept of product life cycle, where would you put video games in their life
2. Should video game companies continue to alter their products to include other functions, such as

1. What is meant by sales promotion? Describe briefly the various methods of sales promotional
tools used by business organizations to boost the sales. Explain any four methods of sales
2. Write notes on the fowling :
a) Explain right to safety.
b) What is right to consumer protection?

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