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Sunday, 24 June 2018

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Semester 1 Business Management
IIBM Institute of Business Management
IIBM Institute of Business Management
Semester-1 Examination Paper MM.100
Organizational Behaviour

1) Friendship groups are
a) Party Groups
b) Formal Group
c) Evolved informally
d) Social Groups
2) Effective communication is the foundation
a) Of modern organization
b) Of formal organization
c) Of Foreign relations
d) Of informal organization
3) Perception is used in
a) Selection of candidate for employment
b) Compensation and reward
c) Enrichment and motivation
d) None of the above.
9) Direct Communication________ are the rules of pattern and behaviour that are expected from all team
a) Norms
b) Regulations
c) Guidelines
d) Format
10) The pension plans, gratuity contribution and mandatory provident fund rules are framed basically to
take care of ________ needs.
a) Security
b) Sensitive
c) Scrutiny
d) Saving
Part Two:
1. Explain ‘Y’ theory of Mc Gegor.
2. Explain Chris Argyris’s immaturity – maturity theory.
3. Explain ‘Halo effect’.
4. Write a note on ‘Reinforcement theory’.
5. Explain the terms “attitudes and values.

Caselet 1
Kanchan and company limited was one of the leading manufacturers of pumps for the domestic,
agriculture, and industrial use. It had its corporate office at Delhi. One of its plants was located at
Faridabad, the industrial town of Haryana which is only 30 km away from Delhi. The plant at
Faridabad manufactured nearly 200 different types of pumps categories as, the mini domestic pump,
jet pump, four inch submersible pump, single phase monoblock pump, three phase monoblock
pump, end suction pump and pumps for special use. Target customers for these products were
household units, farmers, urbans (municipal corporation, civil contractors etc.), industrial houses
etc.Unit 1995, the company was one of the major players in all the market segments ....
The apex body during its last meeting appointed a committee to review the progress made by the
different departments under the continuous improvement program . Ramchandran was appointed
the chairman of the committee. Ramchandran after completing his preliminary investigation,
forwarded the preliminary report to the management . The General Manager of the unit, Harish
Narayan, noted that the unit had made a lot of progress through continuous improvement program
but still the unit was not in a comfortable position in relation to its competitors. He was worried
as to what the organization should do to speed up the process of continuous improvement.
1. Did kanchan and Company Limited adopt the right strategy in improving the overall performance
of the organization?
2. Was it right to use a complex system for determining the workers incentives?
3. If you were the head of the unit, what steps would you have taken to remove the problems which
were still persisting.
4. What should the company do to maintain and improve its market position?
Semester 1 Business Management
IIBM Institute of Business Management
Caselet 2
Gagan International Limited was established in the year 1978 at Nasik. It was an international
business unit of Gagan group which had an annual turnover of Rs 5,000 crores and an employees
strength of 1,50,000. The group enjoyed a good reputation for its technology and quality. Gagan
International Limited had an annual turnover of Rs. 1500 crores and its activities ranged from trading
in the engineering and consumer products, to the manufacture of high quality finished leather,
leather bags, leather purses and wallets and l...
the end if six moths, Madan lal showed signs of complete recovery. He started coming to work
regularly with an improved performance. The organization fulfilled its social commitment by
transforming and retaining a good worker, even when he had undergone a dark period of two to three
years of drug addition.
1. The company faced the problem of mass absenteeism. Is it desirable to recruit workers from the
same community?
2. Were the efforts put by the organization worth in transforming Madan lal from a drug addict to a
performing worker? Justify your answer.
3. Was suspension of Madan lal justified? Comment.
4. Was the organization socially committed in a real sense or all the efforts were focused at profit

1. A large unit manufacturing electrical goods which has been known for its liberal personnel policies
and fringe benefits is facing the problem of low productivity and high absenteeism. How should the
management improve the organizational climate?
2.Discuss the nature and significance of morale ? Describe the relationship between morale and

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