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Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Front Office Operations: IIBM MBA Exam papers: Avail answers at

Examination Paper: Hotel Management 
IIBM Institute of Business Management 8 

IIBM Institute of Business Management
Examination Paper MM.100
Front Office Operations

1. To create a professional image and to make guest comfortable about the staff members is a factor of:
e. Personal presentation
f. An attentive manner
g. Social skills
h. Use of guest’s names

2 A small booklet which has the guest’s name, room number and room rate is:
e. Credit card
f. Key card
g. Bedroom book
h. Room status board

3. .clear is a sign of:
e. Room left
f. Room occupied
g. Room vacant and ready
h. Room vacant but not ready


9. Which of the following is not included in the task performed mainly at the reception?
e. Filing
f. Duplicating
g. Word processing
h. Reservation

10. Chart is very time consuming to be up-dated and its errors results in lower occupancy.
e. Density chart
f. Density reservation chart
g. Stop-go chart
h. Conventional chart

Examination Paper: Hotel Management 
IIBM Institute of Business Management 10 

Part Two:
1. Differentiate between the organizational structure of ‘Small and Medium sized hotels’.
2. State the main ways in which fire can be prevented in a hotel.

3. List the main methods of ‘Non-verbal communication’.

4. Write a short note on ‘Inside Availability’.

Caselet 1
The Benson Hotel, a mid-sized independent property required new leadership. Mike Schwartz, Vice- president of operations, pondered his next move as he reviewed last month’s financial statements. The Benson was an eighty-five-room three-star property with a full-service restaurant, lounge, banquet and health club facilities. The rapidly changing marketplace and new competition from well-established franchises had made Mike’s job and the Benson’s position more tenuous. Mike decided to commission a consultant’s report on the property. ...
Jim summed up this section of his report to Mike like this: “This is a case of employees working well in spite of the general manager rather than because of him. The main problem with this situation is that a reputable company such as the Benson Hotel cannot support the actions of a general manager with this type of comportment and still maintain a workable relationship with its employees. My opinion at this point is that something has to change.”
1. Do you feel it was necessary for mike to commission a consultant’s report on the Benson? Why or why not? How would you have approached the situation?
2. Identify and propose solutions for the supervisory challenges in the kitchen and dining areas of the ‘Benson Hotel’. 

Examination Paper: Hotel Management 
IIBM Institute of Business Management 13 

Caselet 2
The Rainbow Golf resort had something to celebrate. The 120- unit golf resort consisting of villas and condominiums had recently been “re-branded” from a franchise to an independent property. The new owner, Ken Okura, was reviewing the present organizational structure of the Rainbow along with the files of key personnel presently running the operation. During the transition period Ken had recruited his own team including a Vice-President of operations, Director of sales and marketing and Director of Food and Beverage to restructure the organization; however, he still had a few key areas to fill in. In the past, each member of the resort’s management team had staked out his or her own turf with little internal communication. As a case in point, ken often noticed Shirley, the accountant, regularly directing the front desk on policies and procedures. All this happened under the watch of Jeremy, the resort’s Rooms Division Manager, who didn’t seem to take notice of such actions. Ken thought that this overlap of authority su..
• It is difficult to know who to go if someone has a problem with his or her manager. There should be someone designated as the resort manager so that employees have someone to communicate with should the need to do so arise.

Ken assembled his new team to map out strategies to address the operational challenges and employee concerns.
1. Identify and describe four short-term operational strategies Ken should implement immediately at the Rainbow Golf Resort.

2. Which form of top-down communication would be most suitable for the Rainbow Golf Resort to achieve its objectives?

1. Explain how the hotel receptionist can contribute to customer satisfaction?

2. Discuss the methods of payments in a hotel.

3. Discuss about the main principles of “Hotel Billing”.

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