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Sunday, 30 September 2012

MBA (Banking and Finance) Semester 1: summer drive: contact us for answers at

ASSIGNMENT – MBA (Banking and Finance) Semester 1
MBF101 – Management Processes & Organizational Behavior – 4 Credits
(Book ID:  B1127)
Descriptive Assignment Set- 1 (30 Marks)

     SECTION-D: Descriptive Questions (3 Questions of 10 Marks each)-Set-1

18    Explain the management roles and skills in detail.
19    Write a detailed note on emotional intelligence.
20    Explain the two types of forces for change.

Master of Business Administration-MBA (BANKING AND FINANCE)
Semester 1
MBF102 – Business Communication - 4 Credits
Assignment Set- 2 (30 Marks)

Note: Each question carries 10 Marks. Answer all the questions.

Q.1.     Explain the problems encountered by using jargons in business communication.   [10]            
Q. 2.    What are important steps to be followed in taking notes of minutes of the meeting?                          [10]       
Q.3.    How do you think the effectiveness of video conferencing helps in client meetings? [10]

ASSIGNMENT – MBA (Banking and Finance) semester 1
MBF106 –Human Resource Management – 4 Credits
(Book ID: B1132)
Assignment Set- 3 (30 Marks)

Descriptive Questions 3 Questions of 10 Marks Each
Q.1. Write a note on the outside sources of recruitment.
Q.2. Write a detailed note on Living wages.
Q.3 .Explain the procedure for disciplinary action
ASSIGNMENT – MBA (Banking and Finance) semester 1
MBF104 –Financial Management and Accounting – 4 Credits
(Book ID: B1130)
Assignment Set- 3 (30 Marks)
Descriptive Questions (30 Marks)
Answer all the questions. Each question carries 10 Marks
1.    Following is the Balance Sheet of M/s Srinivas Ltd. You are required to prepare a Fund Flow Statement                                     [10 Marks]
Particulars     2006    2007    Particulars     2006    2007
Equity Share capital    50,000    65,000    Cash balances    10,000    13,000
Profit & Loss    14,750    17,000    Debtors    25,000    27,000
Trade Creditors    29,000    31,000    Investment    5,000    nil
Mortgage    10,000    15,000    Fixed Assets    50,000    80,000
Short term loans    15,000    16,500    Less: Depreciation    (5,250)    (7000)
Accrued expenses    8,000    7,500    Goodwill    5,000    nil
               Stock    37,000    39,000
Total    1, 26,750    1, 52,000    Total    1, 26,750    1, 52,000
Additional Information:
1. Depreciation provided is Rs.1750.
2. Write off goodwill.
3. Dividend paid Rs.3500.

2.    Show the rectification entries for the following:                                        (10 marks)
a.    The Sales account is undercast by Rs.15,000
b.    Goods returned by the customer Mr.X of Rs.5650 has been  posted in the Return Inward Account as Rs.5560 and in Mr.X a/c as Rs.6,550.
c.    Salary paid Rs.6,000 has been posted to Rent account
d.    Cash received from Ram posted to Shyam account Rs.7,000
e.    Cash received from Jadu Rs.8,640 has been posted to the debit of Madhu’s a/c
3.    Start your own business with 5 different transactions. Prepare accounting equation for each transaction. Did you firm earn profit or made a loss at the end of all the transactions. Make a small comment on your firm’s position at the end.     (10 marks)              
4.    MBA – Banking and Finance
5.    Semester 2
6.    MBF202 – Marketing Management - 4 Credits
7.    Assignment SET- 3 (30 Marks)
11.    Note: Answer all the questions.
13.    Q1. a)    What do you understand by marketing? [5 marks]
14.           b)  Briefly describe the various functions of marketing. [5 marks]
17.    Q.2 a)  Differentiate between consumer buying behavior and business buying behavior. [6 marks]
18.    b)    Explain different types of business buying situations with examples. [4 marks]
21.    Q.3 a)    Explain any two pricing methods and its benefits. [6 marks]
22.           b)    What is advertising budget? Explain any one method of ad budget. [4 marks]

Master of Business Administration-MBA (BANKING AND FINANCE)
Semester 1
MBF103 – Statistics for Management - 4 Credits
Assignment Set- 3 (30 Marks)

Note: Each question carries 10 Marks. Answer all the questions.

Q.1    Write down the steps involved in testing of hypothesis.         [10]
Q.2      Differentiate between correlation and regression                              [10]
Q.3      Explain the different sources of collecting data                                 [10]
ASSIGNMENT – MBA (Banking and Finance) semester 1
MBF105 –Managerial Economics – 4 Credits
(Book ID: B1130)
Assignment Set- 2 (30 Marks)
Descriptive Questions (30 Marks)
1.    When Tata Motors set up the Nano plant in Gujarat, what are the benefits to the region in terms of externalities?
2.    When a company increases its scale of operations, by buying new companies, what are the benefits that accrue in terms of economies of scale?
3.    At present the inflation rate is a concern for the Indian Government, what are the measures in terms of monetary policy that can be taken to control inflation.

ASSIGNMENT – MBA (Banking and Finance) semester 2
MBF 201 –Financial Management - 4 Credits
Assignment Set- 3 (30 Marks)
Descriptive Questions (30 Marks – 10 marks each)

1.    You are required to determine the WACC of the K.C. Ltd. using book value and market value weights. The K.C.Ltd.’s present book value capital structure is as follows:
Equity Capital (Rs. 10 each fully paid)    1000000
Retained earnings    200000
10% Preference Shares (Rs.100 each fully paid redeemable after 20 years)    200000
8% Debentures (Rs.100 each fully paid redeemable after 15 years)    800000
12% term loan    300000
All these securities are traded in the capital markets. Recent prices are debentures @ Rs.90, Preference shares @ Rs.95 and equity shares @ Rs.22. the dividend expected on the equity share at the end of the year Rs.2 per share. The anticipated growth rate in dividends is 5%. The corporate tax rate is 50%.

2. Firm A,B and C similar in all aspects except in capital structure. Capital Structures of the companies are as follows:

Debt    Firm A
------    Firm B
2,00,000@8%    Firm C
           All companies are expecting a net income of Rs.80,000 and Cost of equity is 10% for all.
    Calculate the value of the firm and overall cost of capital according to Net Income Approach.
  3. A Company has an Investment opportunity costing Rs.40000 with the following expected net cash in flow.

Year    Cash Flow
1    2000
2    4000
3    5000
4    6000
5    7000
6    8000
7    10000
8    15000
9    10000
10    4000
Using 10% as the cost of capital determine the following:
a)    Pay Back Period
b)    Net Present Value
c)    Benefit Cost Ratio
d)    Internal rate of Return

ASSIGNMENT – MBA (Banking and Finance) semester 2
MBF203 –Management Information Systems – 4 Credits
Assignment Set- 2 (30 Marks)

Descriptive Questions( Answer all the  questions)

1.    What are dataflow diagrams? Construct a DFD using the different conventions.
[10 Marks]
2.    There are two investment plans in the market whose details are given below based on which you need to decide which investment plan you need to select. Suggest which investment plan you prefer and why?
Particulars    Plan A    Plan B
Investment in Rs. Million    3    2.7
Savings/ gain per year in Rs. Million    1.0    0.75
No. of years savings or gain would occur    5    5
Discount Rate     12%    12%

                                    [10 Marks]

3.    a. Explain Management Science models in detail.            [5 Marks]

b. Estimate the completion time of each activity whose optimistic time estimate is 5 seconds and the pessimistic time estimate are 20 seconds. The most likely time estimate is 9 seconds.                                                                                            [5 Marks]

ASSIGNMENT – MBA (Banking and Finance) semester 1
MBF206 –Financial Management and Accounting – 4 Credits
Assignment Set- 3 (30 Marks)

Descriptive Questions ( 30 Marks)

1.    Explain validity and reliability in measurement.
2.    Describe directional and non-directional hypothesis.
3.    Explain Applied / Action Research with its subdivisions.
4.    Define Population and Variable.
5.    What are the characteristics of good measurement?
6.    Explain Internal Criteria and External Criteria with regard to formulating the Research Problem.

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