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Saturday, 30 December 2017

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Customer Relationship Management
Assignment – I

Assignment Code: 2017DMM09B1                                          Maximum Marks: 100
   Last date of Submission: 15th November 2017

Each question carries 25 Marks.
1.    Prepare a study of Indian Banking Industry and analyse the changes that took place in the relationship practices of this industry?

2.    Explain the concepts of customer retention and customer recall management?
Section-B (50 Marks)

Case Study

Customer Relationship Management in Shopper’s Stop

The foundation of Shopper’s Stop Ltd. was laid on 27th October, 1991 by K. Raheja Corp. Group of Companies.  Being amongst India’s biggest hospitality and real estate players, the Group sets another milestone with their lifestyle venture. The objective was to create a fashion and lifestyle store for the entire brands for the same. It tried to bridge the gap between the unprofessionally managed and poorly stocked merchandise and ill-mannered staff, and the growing urban upper middle class who had money to spend but were asking for a quality environment. The objective was to create a fashion and lifestyle store for the entire brands. It tried to bridge the gap between the unprofessionally managed and poorly stocked merchandise, ill-mannered staff and the growing urban upper middle class who had money to spend but were asking for a quality environment.

From its inception, Shopper’s Stop has progressed from being a single brand shop to becoming a leading fashion & lifestyle store for the family. A pioneer of organized retailing in India, today, it has become the highest benchmark for the Indian retail industry. Its stores are present across various Indian cities such as Bangalore, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Gurgaon, and Kolkata. It has a national presence of over 6,00,000 square feet of retail space, stocking over 250 brands of garments and accessories.
In fact, the company’s continuing expansion plans aim to help it meet the challenges of the retail industry in an even better manner than it does today. Its vision is to be a global retailer in India and maintain its No.1 position in the Indian market in the Department store category. Being at the helm of a customer centric business, there is a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction which, in turn, translates into taking all aspects of the business very seriously.

CRM Practices
The retail chain major is eyeing 50% sales growth from its CRM initiatives. The company has also line up an aggressive expansion plan, targeting smaller towns and cities in the country. According to Managing Director and CEO of the company, it has given a new direction to its CRM initiatives after acquiring business intelligence software called “Business Solutions”.

The new software helps generate intelligent data from Shopper’s Stop customer base of about 2,30,000. The company then collects this data and touches base with customers via direct mailers informing them about the upcoming events. A company release says: “Last year, about 50 % of our sales came from repeat customers and this year too we are expecting this number to grow “. The company claims that it has taken its CRM initiatives to a new height and now calls its loyalty programmes.

CEM  Initiatives
Overanalysing of the company’s sales trends and pattern helped realize that most of the sales were coming from the old customers primarily through repeat purchases it thought of focusing on those customers. The company tried to leverage data by providing information and the company may ultimately be benefited. As, if a customer had bought a pair of trousers, it tells him about a new range of shirts that it has just brought into the store.

Under the CEM programme, the members are called “First Citizens”
At the Shopper’s stop, the First Citizens are given the following exclusive benefits and privileges:
•    Reward points every time they shop
•    Exclusive offers
•    Updates on what one can look forward to shop for
•    Exclusive benefits and privileges
•    Exclusive cash counters so that they can spend more time shopping rather than waiting in a line.
There are three membership categories:
1.    Classic moments
2.    Silver edge
3.    Golden glow
The company believes in providing the best experiences possible, including the best benefits and privileges. The programme gets as rewarding as one makes it since it depends on the membership status which is upgraded when one qualifies with the necessary purchases during the membership period.

Co-branded CRM initiatives: Shopper’s Stop has been launching several schemes to benefit its profitable customers and has been coming up in partnership with several leading players who matter for retailing industry. One such programme partner is Citibank.

First Citizen Citibank Credit card: The First Citizen Citibank Credit Card – The first citizen credit card – India’s only co-branded store card combines the benefits of Shopper’s Stop loyalty programme. First Citizen and the advantages of a Citibank Credit card. This entitles customers to the benefit of:

a)    Earn double reward points
b)    0% EMI scheme

First citizen Citibank debit card: The First Citizen ATM/debit card is India’s first co-branded ATM/debit card in the retail sector. While this card can be used as a regular debit card and at an ATM to withdraw cash, it also helps a customer collect reward points every time he purchases merchandise at any shopper’s stop outlet. This also provides automatic membership to First Citizen Shopper’s Stop Loyalty programme for those who are not First Citizen members yet. The company had also gone in for massive IT initiative to support the customer support it had planned for. It chose software tools for facilitating, the analysis of the customer data. They have been using a combination of business objects and the Statistical Analysis System (SAS) solutions for trend analysis, promotion, management, consumer behaviour, segmentation, buying basket analysis, profitability and lifecycle analysis.

Case Questions:

1.     Shopper’s Stop was the first among the organized retail players to initiate CRM     practices. What do you find from the above case study to substantiate this view? 

2.     Shopper’s Stop has initiated many things in the direction of keeping customers for life.     What are those initiatives?

3.     If you were in the place of Incharge of relationship management practices, what     innovation would you have done?                               (15+15+20)

Customer Relationship Management
Assignment – II
Assignment Code: 2017DMM09B2                                         Maximum Marks: 100
   Last date of Submission: 15th November 2017

Each question carries 25 Marks.
1.    “CRM programmes are a costly affair, but the long-term reward it generates is much more beneficial than the revenue it generates“. How far do you agree with the statement and why?

2.    Consider yourself as a Business Manager of an insurance company in a city. How would you design a system to study customer feedback of your services and delivery? Explain in full detail.
Section-B (50 Marks)

Case Study

A)    Infosys was recruiting a German. When the candidate was asked why he wanted to join Infosys, he replied he wanted to join the company where Mr. Narayana Murthy works. This shows that the employees remain with the organization with full dedication as long as they are taken care of properly.

Q1.     “Employee care is must in organization today before performance results”. Comment on     the statement.                                        (15 marks)

B)    Once the CEO of Relocation Management Resources found one of his best customer service managers during a frustrating experience at the airport. Upon finding out his flight was cancelled, the CEO called the airline company to complain –bitterly. The women who took the call remained poised despite the CEO‘s self-described ranting and raving. By the end of the conversation, the CEO made the woman a job offer, which she later accepted.
Q2.      “Winning customers through employee behaviour is the key to retain customers”. Comment on the statement?                                    (15 marks)

C)    Cognizant, an IT company celebrates its major milestones with employees, usually by giving them a choice of gifts such as TVs, DVD players, and music systems. This is because the company believes that employee delight is the basis for Customer Delight in a service company. Cognizant believes this is the only way to keep employees happy and make them feel to be a part of the company which may otherwise seem impersonal to most employees if they only maintain an arm’s length relationship.

Q3.      Establishing employee relations by giving gifts in kind is a better option as followed by cognizant or giving financial benefits is far better or recognizing the skills, talents, worth and giving due respect to their existence is the best solution to have employee delight and finally customer delight.  Give your views on this statement?                (20 marks)

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